TS Isaac Update – 8-24-2012


UPDATE: Tropical Storm Isaac

DATE: 8/24/12

TIME: 11:30

This is an update from the Florida Baptist Convention’s Disaster Relief and Recovery Ministry Team.  We will provide these updates from now until Isaac is no longer a threat.


Tropical Storm Isaac is approaching the island of Hispaniola as a tropical storm.

The Florida Baptist Convention’s Partnership and Disaster Relief (DR) Ministry Teams have been working all week with our CMBH partners to be ready to respond to needs in Haiti if needed.   They are ready to respond if needed.   


The projected National Hurricane Center (NHC) official track projects that Isaac will pass near Key West sometime Sunday as a tropical storm.

The most recent NHC forecast projects Isaac to continue into the Gulf of Mexico and make landfall somewhere along the Florida Panhandle as a strong CAT1 storm sometime Tuesday afternoon or evening.

Long range projections can vary as much as 500 miles so it is impossible to say exactly where Isaac will make landfall at this time.

Florida Baptists are encouraged to monitor and follow local emergency management instructions.  You may also get updates from the Florida Baptist Disaster Relief Facebook page FACEBOOK PAGE:  https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Florida-Baptist-Disaster-Relief/125877080836931 WEB ADDRESS:  WWW.FLBAPTISTDISASTER.ORG 


  • The DR team is has been and will continue monitoring Isaac’s path for several days and will continue to do so through the weekend and into next week if needed.
  • The DR team has established initial lines of communication with state/regional DR leadership, the FL State EOC, SBC DR partners.
  • The DR team will place units and volunteers on watch as appropriate.  Units and volunteers will be notified through their regional leadership.
  • The DR team will also begin enlisting and alerting churches & associations that are willing to be used as response sites along the projected path should Isaac impact their community
  • The DR team recommends that all Florida Baptists (In the Keys, along the Gulf Coast & in the Panhandle) begin making initial disaster plans in the event the storm comes their way.
  • The DR team recommends that all Florida Baptist churches and associations begin to prepare to minister to their communities should Isaac impact their area.


Today marks the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew making landfall in Miami.  The response to Andrew led to the expansion and development of the Florida Baptist Convention’s Disaster Relief & Recovery Ministry as well as Southern Baptist Disaster Relief.  We give praise to the Father for his blessings on the DR ministry.  We also want to thank the thousands of Florida Baptist DR volunteers who have prepared and served during times of crisis over the past 20 years and stand ready to response to Isaac if needed. 

Fritz Wilson, Team Strategist

Disaster Relief & Recovery Ministry Team

Florida Baptist Convention


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